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Take this quiz to determine your stress factors. You’ll learn where your stress is coming from, what’s causing it and how you can Change to Chill.

List three things that stress you out.

Fill in the blanks.

Recognizing the symptoms of stress can help you manage it.

How does stress affect you?

Choose all that apply.

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Sometimes a good friend or some alone time can make a big difference.

When I want to chill, I like to be with:

Choose one.

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It’s important to train your mind to relax.

Pick your favorite relaxing activity.

Choose one.

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Identifying the priorities in your life is the first step in achieving balance.

What are the most important things in your life? 

Fill in the blanks and list your top priority first.




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You did it! Now check out your stress-relief guide.

The first step in managing stress is to understand your symptoms and triggers. Check out What is Stress? for more info on how to identify it.

You’ve already identified some signs of stress and what makes you feel it most in your life. Now, let’s manage it.

You said Parents, Homework and Basketball cause you some stress. Here are three things to try.

Here’s a way to chill with your friends.

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Try this meditation technique. It’s like “Fresh Air” for your mind.

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Family is your first priority. Now, learn how to balance the rest.

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Other things to try

Everyone gets stressed.

Change to Chill is here to help you figure out what stress is, what causes it and how you can manage it.

What’s the best way to manage your stress?

Take the quiz!